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The Fluhalp is situated at 2.620 m over sea level, right in the middle of the hiking- and skiing resort and is accessible in summer via Zermatt, Sunnegga Blauherd, or via the hiking track Täschalp – Sunnegga (see map).
Starting point for the Oberrothorn 3415 meters, approx. 2 ½ hrs - Highest hiking and trekking site in Europe.

  • Overnight stay possibilities from the end of June to October in summer
  • during the winter months only the Restaurant is open (December – End of April)
Open from the end of June until the beginning of October
  • Overnight stay possibilities in double-, three bed-, or four bed rooms, as well as in dormitories of different sizes.

Prices: Bedded rooms with half board sFr. 95,-
Dormitories with half board sFr. 79,-

Prices are per persons and per day
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